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ANDAC ENGINEERING CORP., LTD. Founded in 1993, registered in Hong Kong and established liaison offices in Beijing and Shanghai, is engaged in the business of serving the thermal and petrochemical plant in China. 
Since 1997, ANDAC had been authorized by COPES-VULCAN, USA, a division of Celeros, to be its Sole Representative for min flow valves in all regions of China and control valves in certain regions of China. ANDAC has been selling CV’s products successfully in the market. From 1997, Copes-Vulcan min flow valves and control valves are widely used in 300MW subcritical units, 600MW supercritical units, 660MW ultra-supercritical units and 1000MW ultra-supercritical units of thermal power plants. In addition, desuperheaters and severe duty control valves are extensively applied in the systems of Daqing Petro, Liaoyang Petro, Yanshan Petro, Lanzhou Petro, Dushanzi Petro, Qilu Petro, Shanghai Petro, Guangzhou Petro and Maoming Petro.
Celeros/Copes-Vulcan established “Spare Parts Center” in China,  appointing ANDAC to manage and develop. SPX Flow Inc./Copes-Vulcan also built the “Service Center” in Shanghai which provides after-market service and installation service per the requirement from the users.
In 2007, Samshin Limited, a famous valve manufacturer in Korea, authorized ANDAC to be its sole agent for selling Gate, Check and Globe valves in China. In a short period, the brand of Samshin valves has become widely known and accepted by the customers of power and petrochemical industries inside China and abroad. ANDAC supplied gate, globe and check valves for 600MW, 660MW, 1000MW power plants of China Guodian Group, China Power Investment Group, Huaneng Group, Datang International Group, etc. In addition, Samshin vavles had been applied on the reformed installation of 3.3 million tons/year Hydrogenation Cracking and 0.72-million tons/year Ethylene. ANDAC also successfully promoted Samshin valves to several power projects in India, Vietnam, Indonesia and so on. In Phase II of Ling’Ao Nuclear Power Plant with 2 X 1000MW, a quantity of 3,000 sets of Samshin gate, globe and check valves for nuclear class I to class III were directly supplied by Samshin, which built a significant and remarkable record in the China nuclear market.
During the past two decades, Andac established a strong team of experienced management and outstanding sales team. The company consistently adheres to the principle “The Customer Is Always First” thoroughly serving the particular needs of the Chinese market. ANDAC continues to grow its extensive experience base through participating technology seminar, managing products selection and application, managing contract performance, processing product drawing, executing worldwide product inspection and testing, seeking continuous personnel training, overseeing product maintenance and providing necessary spare parts. It has formed a line of high quality services system and integrates reputable American and Korean products integrated with the actual demands of the Chinese market.
Though ANDAC has achieved respectable market presence in China, it still seeks to grow its product base and market coverage. ANDAC also has been appointed by OHL Germany to the representative on certain regions of China for butterfly valves, Pibiviesse Italy ball valves, DeZurik state-of-the-art Butterfly Valves, ball valves, knife gate valves, and KURIMOTO JAPAN goggle valves and link seal valves. For HF Valves and other valves with special material, ANDAC is able to provide the documents of UOP or Philips Approval.
In 2017, Andac was authorized as the exclusive agent in China by Bvalve, a Spain valve supplier, to supply molten salt valves as a system to solar market.
Welcome to ANDAC, we look forward to serving your important needs.