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Spare Parts Sales Agent Training Meeting

On July 27th, the first conference of CV/ANDAC spare parts sales agents of northern China was held in Beijing Longqingxia Happy Holiday Inn. Totally ten agents and 21 people attended the meeting. Zhuang Yijun, manager of CV Shanghai, Yang Jianming, service engineer of CV Shanghai, and Qin Fang, general manager of Andac China Department attended the meeting.
The meeting mainly focused on the basic training of CV spare parts technology for agents, communicating how to expand and regulate the spare parts market with agents.
Qin Fang emphasized that the high hit rate of the existing CV projects lays the foundation for the large market of spare parts. On this basis, ANDAC invited agents to expand the spare parts market mutually. Hopefully the agents' understanding of CV products would be enhanced through this meeting, the communication between agent and customer would be smoother and finally form a spare parts sales service network. 
Zhuang Yijun introduced the line product situation and history of CV, as well as CV spare parts development mentality, openly discussed spare parts price, market standard with attendees.
Yang Jianming gave a detailed introduction of CV control valve, minimum flow valve and spare parts from the aspects of structure, principle and actual field problem. Fang Liangjian, head of spare parts sales of ANDAC Beijing, introduced shutoff valve of Samshin, enabling the agents to know more about the products of ANDAC.
Finally, Li Lianbin, sales director of ANDAC Beijing expressed how to standardize and expand the spare parts market, discussed with all the agents aiming to develop the relationship between agents and ANDAC from distributor to partner and achieve win-win goal (users, agents, suppliers).
It’s a successful meeting since it strengthened the link between ANDAC and agents, positively promoting the establishment of spare parts sales network.