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Ceremony of Ms. Lu Xiangming's Donation to the Education Foundation of Zhejiang University

On September 19th, Ms. Lu Xiangming, chairman of Hong Kong Andac Engineering Co., Ltd. donated one million yuan to Zhejiang University Education Foundation and set up the Lu Xiangming development strategy research fund of Zhejiang University. The fund will be mainly used to support Zhejiang University at home and abroad to carry out the development strategy of higher education and higher education class development strategy research work; set up scholarships to students, support innovative talent strategic management science and culture; promote the construction of high class intelligence platform, support the strategic research for international exchanges and cooperation.
Donation ceremony was held in the afternoon in Zijingang Campus. Zou Xiaodong, deputy secretary of Party Committee of Zhejiang University and president of Development Strategy Research Institute, issued a donation certificate and Zhejiang University Development Strategy Research Institute honorary certificate to Ms. Lu Xiangming. Li Peipei, vice president of Zhejiang University Development Committee, presented a donation card to Ms. Lu Xiangming. Wei Jiang, executive vice president of Zhejiang University Development Strategy Institute, accepted the donation.
Zou Xiaodong, on behalf of Zhejiang University, expressed the appreciation to the donation. He said that in the new historical stage of China's higher education and better services for the construction of an innovative country, to achieve leapfrog development, strengthen the research on the development strategy of great significance, Ms. Lu Xiangming's donation is important in the critical moment, would play a key role in Higher Education Development strategy to improve the research level of Zhejiang University.
Ms. Lu Xiangming expressed that the choice of donation to Zhejiang University is because of her hometown complex and the importance of Zhejiang University. Zhejiang University Development Research Institute is the think tank of Zhejiang University; she believes that "development strategy will enable the university to be of more open vision, rise to a higher level and step into the first-class university in the world.
Ms. Lu Xiangming's hometown is in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. Andac Engineering Co., Ltd, founded by her, started donation to 20 poverty-stricken students in Zhejiang University City college annually from 2002, and this year the number is increased to 40. Currently it has a total donation to 300 students. At the same time, she also led the people around to help the aiding students and handed over the donation to outstanding students of Zhejiang University Development Strategy Institute.
Chairman Lu You and his wife of Shanghai Decui Development Co., Ltd; Wei Guozhong, former deputy director of Zhejiang provincial electricity authority, chief representative and consultant of Andac Shanghai office, heads of School of Public Management, the development of the liaison office of Zhejiang University, City College and teacher & student representatives of Development Strategy Research Institute attended the donation ceremony.