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Valves for HTF


Valves for HTF

尺寸1/2''-20''●ASME设计,压力等级为ANSI150、300、600磅 ●对焊、承插焊或法兰连接●AISI316Ti或AISI321不锈钢波纹管,可实现10,000次操作●波纹管泄露探测器●零泄漏,符合API598(气泡级密封)标准●司太立5号合金钢阀芯●TA-Luft认证●槽形阀盖垫片●开启指示器●碳素钢阀体波纹管密封闸阀和截止阀  止回阀尺寸1/2"-36"●ASME设计,压力等级
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Bellows sealed valves are extremely important on the solar field to prevent the HTF leaks to the environment.
We have to consider that around 6.000 bellows sealed valves are installed at the solar field. The part that prevent the leak to the atmosphere is the BELLOWS, this is why we have to consider high quality valves to avoid thousands of problems in the solar field.
● Sizes 1/2’’-20’’
● ASME design as per ANS1150, 300 or 600 Lbs 
● BW, SW or flanged ends
● AISI 316Ti or AISI 321stainless steel bellows designed for 10,000 cycles
● Leak bellows detector
● Zero leakage acc. API 598 (bubble tight)
● Stellited trim 5
● TA-Luft certified
● Grooved bonnet gasket
● Opening indicator
● Carbon steel body


Gate and globe bellows sealed shut-off valves


Check valve

● Sizes 1/2"-36"
● ASME design as per ANSI 150, 300 or 600 Lbs
● BW, SW or flanged ends
● Zero leakage acc. API 598
● Stellited trim 5
● Carbon steel body WCB



● Forged steel ball valves
● Typical size 3"
● Three pieces bolted construction
● Solid ball
● Anti blow out proof stem design
● Double block and bleed
● High integrity shut-off at low and high pressure
● Antistatic device
● Firetest approved
● Floating seats spring energized
● ISO 5211 top cover flange for easy automation
● Purge port



Trunnion ball valve


HTF Loop globe control valves
The HTF loop control valves have a special relevance at the solar field due to the extreme conditions and fluctuations of HTF. These fluctuations have to be regulated and equilibrated with high accuracy and quickness to get uniform flow rate at loops of the solar field.
● Long life service
● Custom characteristic curve to ensure the accuracy
● High-Quality stainless-steel bellows that can achieve more than 30,000 cycles
● Highly-developed pressure balancing system that reduces the actuating forces and energy consumption, even above 40 bar
● TA-Luft certified and the highest environmental safety demands
● Micrometric hand wheel positioning system allowing accuracies range of 1.39%
● Flexibility, valves can be automated by a pneumatic or electrical actuator without removing the valve from the pipe. This enables simple and particularly cost-effective implementation of new technologies facilitating an efficiency increase.
Globe control valves for HTF
● Valves designed for operation under highly critical pressures, temperatures and pressure drop conditions
● Sizes from 1 /2" to 24", straight-through
● Ratings from 1 50, 300, 600 Lbs
● BW or flanged ends
● Internals with anticavitation cages or multistage type design
● Shells manufactured in WCB,WC6
● Fitted with pneumatic or electrical actuator
● Bellows designed for 30.000 cycles


Globe control valve


Triple butterfly eccentric control valves are mainly used to control the high flows of main collectors and also are installed for ON/OFF applications. Even though these valves are mainly designed to manage high flow ratios, it is proven that our valves have a high controllability performance also at low opening ratios. i.e. 10%.
● Triple eccentric design 
● BW ends
● Solid seat ring execution
● TA-LUFT certified
● Zero leakage acc. API 598 and EN12266 in both directions (bubble tight)
● Trunnion design with dual bearings of pure stellite
● Butterfly protection in open position by means of safety bar
● Sizes 6" to 60"
● Ratings 150, 300 & 600 Lbs
● 100% butterfly surface protection by means of hardening treatment with KANINGEN® (harder than stellite 6)
● Fire safe design as per API 6 FA/BS 6755
● Fitted with gearbox, pneumatic or electrical actuator
● Free of maintenance
● Face to face long pattern design to protect sealing surfaces
● Special packing design to prevent the leakage and the valve blocks


Butterfly control valve


Balanced safety valve for HTF Loop
Valve designed and tested specifically for operation under backpressure up to 25 relative bar and set pressure up to 30 relative bar. It can discharge more than 9 m3/h of HTF under these pressure conditions, which has been certified in ourASME VIII acredited dynamic test bench.
● Inconel bellows and spring 
● BW/SW ends
● Stellited nozzle and disc
● Indicator of leak due to bellows break
● Size 1"x1"
● Back pressure up to 83%
Safety valve for Heat Exchangers
Demands on the safety valve when using thermal oil:
● Excellent heat resistance
● Sizes 1" D 2" up to 8"T10"
● Capability to transport mid to large sized capacities
● No external loss of creeping medium
● Compensation for high backpressure


Safety valve

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