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Valves for Molten Salt


Valves for Molten Salt

ButterflyvalveforthermalstorageButterflyvalveforthermalstorageFEATURES●Tripleeccentricdesign ●BWends●Solidseatringexecution(maintenance-free)●TA-LUFTcertified●Zeroleakageacc.API598andEN12266inbothdire
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Butterfly valve for thermal storage

Butterfly valve for thermal storage
● Triple eccentric design 
● BW ends
● Solid seat ring execution (maintenance-free)
● TA-LUFT certified
● Zero leakage acc. API 598 and EN 12266 in both directions (bubble tight)
● Temperature up to 565°
● Trunnion design with dual bearings of pure stellite 
● Butterfly protection in open position by means of safety bar 
● Sizes 6" to 60"
● Ratings 150, 300 & 600 lbs
● 100% butterfly surface protection by means of hardening treatment with KANINGEN® (harder than stellite 6)
● Fire safe design as per API 6 FA/BS 6755
Triple Offset ButterflyValves - High Temperature Configurations
Metal-to-Metal seat design ensures a perfect sealing under high temperatures keeping small torques due to the triple eccentric design.
Special features
● Excellent performance as control valve and shut-off valve
● Extended bonnet design enables full pipe insulation and protects the actuator from process temperature
● Operability is not affected by temperature
● Special gaskets and packing materials are used to avoid valves block and leakage



Breather valve

BVALVE breather valves are safety equipment designed to protect tank against breaking or imploding. As long as the pressure in the tank remains above the valve vacuum seting and/or below the valve pressure setting, no venting or breathing occurs. If the valve does not discharge to the atmosphere, a flange is available too. This is also valid in case nitrogen is used on vacuum inlet.
● New shape for fluid dinamic improvements
● Pipeaway connection on Pressure and process side
● Pallet guide outside the process
● Gasket in special materials for molten salt
● Size: 4''(100 mm) through 12" (200 mm)
● Construction: carbon steel, stainless steel with special gaskets for temperatures up to 400° C
● Metal/metal seats bubble tight up to 90% of set pressure
● Setting pressure: +2,5 mbarto +50 mbar
● Setting vacuum: -2,5 mbar to -30 mbar
●    Flange rating: ANSI 150, PN16


Bellows sealed globe gate valves for thermal storage

Bellows sealed globe/gate valves for thermal storage
Bellows sealed valves working with molten salts are under extreme conditions such as high temperatures, corrosion or likely crystallization.
Bellows and special packing design of these valves guarantee a long life service, achieving more than 10.000 cycles, without any kind of leakage or maintenance. Providing a solid solutions to several applications.
● Operability is not affected by temperature
● Special gaskets and packing materials are used to avoid leakage
Bellow sealed globe/gate valves for thermal storage
● ASME design as per ANSI 1 50,300 or 600 lbs 
● BW,SW or flanged RF/RTJ ends
● AISI 316 Ti stainless steel bellows designed for 10,000 operations
● Indicator of leak due to bellows break
● Total tightness to close as per API 598,zero leakage (bubble tight)
● Sizes 1/2" to 20"
● Stellited seat and/or cone + gate,trim 5
● TA-Luft
● Special gaskets and packing gas molten salts



Butterfly control valve


Safety valves for thermal storage

Safety valves for thermal storage
Safety valves for the Thermal Storage Unit
For this application we offer an API Safety Valve with a proper configuration which makes it suitable for prevailing conditions. Alternatively, when the API standard is not required, a High Performance safety valve with the same configuration as the API valve can be used. The High Performance valve allows the use of a smaller nominal diameter for the same performance.
Demands on the safety valve:
● High quality standards
● Flow orifices ranging from D to T
● Sizes from 1" x 2" up to 8" x 10" (standard)
● Additional sizes up to 16" x 20" (XXL series)
● Ranges 150,300,600 Lbs
● RF or BW process connections
● Special design for high temperatures (up to 565°C)
● Salt corrosion resistance
● Gasket in special materials for molten salt
● High-quality, temperature resistant inconel bellows material
●   Improved seat tightness to prevent leakage of molten salt


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