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Control Valves


Control Valves

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General Service Control Valves

GS-General Service Valve assemblies feature a straight through globe style body design with streamlined precision cast bodies to provide smooth contours and transition areas. The result is minimized flow restriction and maximized capacity. Computer calculated cross sections and wall thicknesses assure high structural integrity while maintaining a very favorable strength-to-weight ratio. The GS-General Service Valves are available in .75–8” (20–200mm) sizes as standard, ANSI pressure classes of 125–600, and most standard castable material choices, with either flanged, welded or threaded end connections.

GS-General Service Valves can be equipped with an extensive array of standardized trims to meet virtually any general service requirement. A number of high performance trims, such as Raven, HUSH, Tandem, and GAD are also available and can be used to control occurrences of cavitation, flashing or noise. All trims are quick change to assure ease of maintenance. All trims are fully interchangeable between like sizes to ensure maximum flexibility and reduced inventory requirements. 

A complete range of 700 series pneumatic diaphragm actuators that can handle supply air pressure as high as 80 psig (550 kPag) provides performance usually associated with much more expensive actuation systems. Copes-Vulcan pneumatic actuators are known worldwide for high performance and reliability.

The design is in accordance with ANSI B16.1, B16.5, B16.11,B16.25, B16.34. Copes-Vulcan also holds the following certifications that can be applied to the GS-Style Globe valve: ASME Section I, ASME Section III ‘N’ & ‘NPT’, 97/23/ECPED-CE and is also ISO-9001 certified.


Severe Duty Control Valves

SD-Severe Duty control valve assemblies feature a straight through globe and angle style body design with single web internal construction. The valve body is designed with high structural integrity, large interior flow passageways and a large capacity bowl to accommodate an extensive variety of trim designs while allowing maximum recovery within the valve. The massive amount of body and bonnet material utilized and the thick cross sectional areas allow the SD valve to withstand the most severe operational conditions.

The valve is available in sizes .75–20" (20–500mm) and ASME pressure classes 150 through 4500 standard. Larger sizes are available as required. Typically of cast construction, all standard castable materials are available. When necessary, due to customer preference or technical requirements, forgings are utilized for both body and bonnet. Depending upon size and pressure class, ends are available as threaded, flanged or welded.

The most important sub-assembly of a control valve is the trim. It must control the fluid process, often under extremely high pressure drop conditions, without undue damage due to flashing, cavitation, wire drawing, noise vibration or instability. SD Series valves can be fitted with an extensive array of standard and high performance trims to meet most severe duty/critical service requirements. Copes-Vulcan specialty trims such as Raven™, Hush™, Soft-Seated Hush, Tandem and GAD™ are readily available to meet the most severe applications. Additionally, custom engineered trims are supplied by Copes-Vulcan as required.

All trims are of quick change design to assure ease of maintenance. Most are fully interchangeable between like sizes to ensure maximum flexibility and reduced inventory requirements. A complete range of extremely rugged 1000 series pneumatic diaphragm actuators will meet practically any severe duty service including both nuclear and seismic requirements.The SD-style design is in accordance with ASME B16.1, B16.5, B16.11, B16.25, B16.34 and, when required, will comply with standards such as CAN 3 Z299.2, .3 and .4, ASME SEC.I, ASME SEC.III B31.1, RED-"CE", ‘N’ & ‘NPT’, 97/23/EC-PEDCE and is also ISO-9001 certified.

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