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DSCV-SA Bypass Valve


DSCV-SA Bypass Valve

汽机旁路阀  汽机旁路阀
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Turbine bypass valve

The DSCV-SA (Direct Steam Converting Valve - Steam Atomisation) is a leading, world class product that embraces the demands of operational excellence, high rangeability, eliminates thermal shocks, size and connection flexibility and is easy to maintain.

Can be equally employed as a turbine bypass valve or steam letdown station

• Cast & fabricated design.
• Wide size configuration
• All connections flanged or butt weld or a combination of any
• High water capacity for large cooling duties
• Low required coolant pressure
• High coolant turndown ratio
• Pressure seal or bolted bonnet; ‘Quick Change’ design trim
• Class V shut off
• Noise attenuating trim options 
Single stage hush
Multi-stage hush
• ANSI 150 - 2500 or higher on application
Normally split rated design

Standard body-to-bonnet joint, up to ANSI 900#, is bolted and incorporates a fully
enclosed spiral wound gasket made from 300 stainless steel with graphite filler. For pressure ratings above ANSI 900# a pressure seal bonnet closure is employed, which utilises a graphite-sealing ring.

The DSCV-SA is available in an almost infinite range of sizes, materials and pressure ratings as each valve is tailored to suit a particular customers requests
and requirements.

Pressure Ratings
The DSCV-SA valve can be fully or split rated design and available in standard,
special or intermediate class. Standard classes are available up to and including
ANSI 4500#, intermediate and special class designs can be accommodated were
required. Because the DSCV-SA is normally supplied as a split rated design this
provides the customer with a convenient point for pipe transition for size, rating
and material. The DSCV-SA is of a two part construction and therefore virtually any configuration can be met to satisfy client requirements.

The DSCV-SA is not a high maintenance valve. However, the complete trim is a ‘Quick-Change’ style with no welded in components or large internal threaded parts. The whole trim assembly is held in compression by either a compression ring or the bonnet. By simply removing the compression ring or bonnet the whole trim merely slides out of the top of the valve. Therefore, in-situ maintenance should it be required, is both expeditious and uncomplicated with no need for any specialized tooling or training.

Steam turbine bypass systems must be able to react and modulate very quickly under emergency conditions such as a turbine trip. Stroking speeds of less than one second may be required. The DSCV-SA can be supplied with either pneumatic or hydraulic actuation to meet this critical requirement.

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